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I came to the United States to get treated for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in early 2013 at the Stanford Cancer Center.  Since my diagnosis in 2005, I had sought treatments in three different countries over 8 years:  China, South Korea and my native Philippines.  After a battery of treatments at Stanford 2013-2015, I finally got to No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.) in mid-2015.  The long journey to N.E.D. and my continuing recovery made me hyperaware of how things can be better, so I started The Unpatient Revolution to help myself and others, in particular those dealing with advanced cancer.  Before my diagnosis, I was Director of Business Development at the Associated Broadcasting Corporation, and Founder and Managing Director of ABS-CBN Interactive Inc..   I'm also a freelance journalist who has practiced and published since the 90s.  I'm looking forward to engaging with this group to learn, contribute and hopefully help make healthcare better.