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As a strategic communicator, healthcare thought leader, and innovation leader, my strengths include:
•ability to advance an organization’s strategies via advocacy, external communications, and thought leadership,
•use of electronic health information to improve healthcare outcomes,
•developing a network of industry and professional relationships, including patient advocates both within and outside of an organization.

I am about to launch my new business: Tir Health Advisors - providing strategic consulting services in the areas of patient engagement, healthy longevity/aging, and applying health information management in "non-traditional" areas.

Example of my experience:
I helped advance Pfizer’s Center of Excellence on Active and Healthy Aging, specifically the technology and ageing platform through thought leadership and external industry work which includes Project Catalyst (a collaborative effort with AARP), the Workgroup for Electronic Interchange (WEDI), and International Association of Geriatrics & Gerontology (IAGG). My work with the Personal Connected Health Alliance, including coordination of Pfizer presence at HIMSS Connected Health Conference three years running elevated the company’s visibility in mobile health technologies and healthy ageing initiatives.

I am a creative and innovative healthcare strategist and thought leader with a keen interest in empowering providers, patients and their caregivers to take charge of their healthcare. This includes better communication between healthcare providers, payers, the life sciences, and patients/caregivers; ensuring access to healthcare all over the world; and, importantly, the use of data and research to advance public health world-wide.

I am a proud member and artist of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare and am committed to advancing leadership in healthcare as evidenced by my work with the AHIMA Foundation development of a Leadership Institute as part of a Department of Labor grant.

Specialties: patient advocacy, epatients, active and healthy aging, technology and aging, use of health information to improve outcomes, health information management, strategic communications, innovation, healthcare leadership