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A physician by qualification, a student of moods by chance, a patient of kidney stones by location, in every other sense a common man striving to make the best lemonade of the available blind melons.


Physician Executive, Community Centered Care Coordination Collaborative OPC Pvt Ltd, Agra, India (A Start Up)
Family Physician - Behavioral Health
Genetic Counselling
Chief Research Information Officer, Patient Planet, India
Sustainability Executive, Retrograde Greenification of Building, Bhagwati Ghee, Agra, India (Family Business)

Dreamer. Smart City, Agra

OBJECTIVE: Be a key player in Health Care Quality and Meaningful Use of Clinical services with focus on CDSS and CPOE, Geo-medicine and Artificial Intelligence.

I have been trying to emulate a small pilot based on Adelaide Inc, an ACO by Farzad Mostashiri, but really could not put it to fruition. The pace of change of legislation and constant innovations in healthcare quality models are far more fascinating to learn than to implement (albeit in current circumstances)

My proposed venture (Since 2 years); renamed and reattempted on April 1, 2017

Enterprise - Community Centered Care Coordination Collaborative
Type of Enterprise - Value Generation
Legal Structure - NFP, Section 8 Vs FP, TBD
Date of Incorporation May 2018
One Person Company

Name - Dr. Agarwal's Community Centered Medical Home
Date of Incorporation -
URL- to an external site.
Memorandum of Association
Key Businesses -
Health Assessment - [A] Physical Assessment
[B] Behavioral Health Assessment
Preliminary Electronic Personal Health Record
Primary Health Care and Family Medicine Practice

PCP Services
*A. Health Assessment

HIM Services
HRB Health Record Bank
*A. Database Mgmt.

HIE Services

PM Services
* A.Genomic Medicine Services

Virtual Care Clinic

No single goal yet many objectives, My purposes of life are more than zero but I never zeroed in.
No friends or foes but seen multipolar facets of life.
Life according to me is common sense, backed by character and upbringing. Genes do play but Geo-medicine play a greater role.
Everything else is just a manifestation.

Professional Affiliations:
I. AMIA | American Medical Informatics Association | Student Member | AMIA ID#: 151846 |
II. IAMI | Member, Curriculum Development Committee, Indian Academy of Health Informatics | Indian Association of Medical Informatics | Life Member | Membership No - PL 16711 | to an external site.
III. SPM | Society for Participatory Medicine | Life Member | Membership No - 28224618 |
IV. VHC | Veritas Health Care, Maine, USA | Founding Member | to an external site. |
H.I.M.S.S. Europe and HiMSS India | Member | Membership No – 700191466 |
QCI | Quality Council of India | Life Member | Membership No - LM/NR/5271
HMS | Harvard Medical School | | Patient Safety, Clinical Quality, Informatics and Leadership Program |
CDISC| Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium | Donor |
AHIMA-PHDSC Public Health Data Standards Consortium | Member - Under consideration |
OmahaSystemPartnership - Stakeholder | Intends to be a working partner |

Research Projects:
A. Blockchain in Healthcare : GoClinic Inc. Netherlands
B. Patient Generated Health data - Fit Bit in Behavioral Disorders. How fitbit defeated Dr Corrupto

User Groups:
Minnesota Omaha System Users Group : Not Active

Strategic Partnerships:
Omaha System Partnerships
Physician Patient Co-Operative - PPOC - Not Operative

About the failed/planned/replanned/taking off start-up: to an external site.
Volunteer - Veritas Health CareLinks to an external site.
Volunteer - Society for Participatory Medicine - YouTube WG, Newsletter DeliveryLinks to an external site.