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Dartmouth College

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Dartmouth College

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Dr. Fortuna holds a doctorate in Social Welfare and a master’s degree in Social Work. Dr. Fortuna is An Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Her primary research interest is service delivery strategies for older adults with serious mental illnesses and chronic health conditions. Dr. Fortuna is using community-engaged research methods to develop and implement peer-supported mobile health (mHealth) intervention. Dr. Fortuna was awarded the NARSAD Young Investigator Grants from the Brain and Behavior Foundation and the Alvin R. Tarlov & John E. Ware Jr. Award in Patient Reported Outcomes for her work. Dr. Fortuna served on the International Standards Advisory Committee to develop the first-ever international accreditation standards for behavioral health care for older adults. Dr. Fortuna’s work can be seen in numbers book chapters on digital peer support, in peer-reviewed journal publications, and in Forbes Magazine. She currently serves as editor of the Journal of Participatory Medicine.