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Upon recognizing significant unmet needs and challenges in patients’ journeys throughout their cancer diagnosis, Dr. Grace Cordovano founded Enlightening Results, LLC. As the culmination of her life’s experiential learning and education, Dr. Cordovano provides personalized patient advocacy services, specializing in the cancer arena.  She strategically and empathetically guides her clients through survivorship or end-of-life care, ensuring they are prepared with the most relevant, credible, and intelligible information so as to facilitate them in making empowered decisions about their care. Grace is a firm believer in the continuous advancement of cancer patient experiences through the infusion of empathic design and thinking into current healthcare paradigms. A frequent questioner of the status quo, she leaves no stone or process unturned in her quest to improve overall patient experiences across the continuum of patient care. She's motivated to have patient and caregiver stories included throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem and considers herself a patient voice activator. Grace operates as part rocket scientist, part healthcare MacGyver, a dash of Tinkerbelle (because everything is better when left with a little sparkle), topped off with a whole lot of coffee. Grace is a proud member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA), the premier, international organization of independent professional patient advocates and Health 2.0 NYC, a healthcare innovation group dedicated to the future of medicine.

After being a lurker for many years, Grace is thrilled to officially be a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine and is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone.