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I am a seasoned drug developer with outstanding people skills.  I have a passion for helping people see the “bigger picture” so that they can achieve their most important goals.  During my 30-year career with Pfizer, I held many varied roles that have given me a broad and deep understanding of the Drug Discovery and Development Process. 

During much of my career, I educated colleagues and others about pharmaceutical R&D, including establishing and running Pfizer Research University.  I strive to be known for my ability to help people understand each other’s perspectives so that they can work together more successfully.

After retiring from Pfizer, I started Salem Oaks™ Consulting.  Our purpose is to empower patients to shape the future of medicine™. We do this by providing educational programs about the Medicines Development process.  Our hope is that by providing the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to participate on a drug development team, patients, caregivers, and advocates will be able to bring their unique perspective as experts in their own disease to the table more effectively.