Melanie Achdjian

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Although I do not come from a healthcare background, and I have been fortunate enough to have minimal experience as a patient, I am intrigued by the current paradigm shift in the healthcare industry.  I find the on-going patient-centric disruptions very exciting and empowering. Exciting from the standpoint of the countless insights that technology will enable, the opportunity to scale personalize health services, and the ability to scale health care access.  Empowering from the development of new collaboration models, the unconventional flow of information built on patient-peer communication channels, the focus on increasing health vs. treating disease, and the global standardization of outcomes to measure treatment success.  The SPM is a nexus highlighting these events and the incredible people driving them. 

Having spent 15 years in the middle east where the traditional doctor knows best model of healthcare is still firmly entrenched, I am looking forward to returning to Florida to better experience this new era of precision medicine.