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Hello, I hold a BA, JD, MBA (Wharton) and am a lawyer, NYCPS-P, NYCARC, and CPRP. I have been living with severe bipolar I disorder for over 20 years. Peer support was critical to my recovery so I created an online peer support community for people living with or supporting someone with mental illness, substance use or a stressful life event. It allows people to anonymously connect one-on-one and in groups and create groups based on condition, event and demographic attributes. We launched in October, 2018. We have thousands of members and we also have a very active facebook page: Our posts are always inspirational and informational and often share my personal lived experience. I also serve on the Board of the National Alliance on Mental Illness-New York City, the largest affiliate of the leading mental health non-profit organization in the US. 

I'd love to see more consumer-inspired and -informed practices in mental health services and our mental health system generally. I would like to contribute my lived experience in furtherance of this objective and to this community. More broadly speaking I hope to help enhance recovery-oriented outcomes and inspire and share hope with people living with mental illness and their supporters. I am very happy to be a part of this group and hope to learn from its members and hope other members may also learn from my experiences. Thank you.