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I have a diverse background in data analytics, product management, content development, data/content licensing, business development and management consulting. The common thread running through all aspects of my career is the importance of access to reliable information to make good decisions.

My experience with the healthcare system has been second-hand, as a caregiver & advocate, rather than the patient in almost all instances. But, I became a caregiver very young, after my father had surgery to remove a brain tumor when I was an infant. I played a key role in helping my mother cope with managing my father's care and later supporting her in her later years to ensure she was able to direct her own healthcare experience as much as possible. She never used a computer, but she loved reviewing the data and charts I would download from her patient portal. 

When I met Dave deBronkart in 2009 to talk about the epatient movement (we were both speaking at the inaugural ePatient Connections conference that year), it was obvious that the mission of S4PM was aligned with my objectives, so I joined S4PM soon after our meeting.