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Who I am: Adaptive athlete and goat farmer, thinker/writer. Federally Disabled in 2000, roofing accident, at age 30. Partial paralysis in left leg and severed spinal cord to right leg as a consequence of surgical intervention--fusion surgery. Written work focuses on trauma, and the trauma brain. Advocacy has been for the working disabled and caregiver support. Currently on the Social Security Issues working group with the National Center for Independent Living. My first wife, Willow, died of Stiff Person Syndrome. Caregiver/hospice provider for her for 12 years, as well as hospice before that time period for her father and my father both with late onset equal pressure hydrocephalus, and her mother with ovarian cancer. After 2014 and the passing of Willow, finished an MFA in writing and trained with the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah for paralympic snowboarding events in the Olympic Games in 2018. Now retired from adaptive competition snowboarding and back home in Virginia. Younger brother of Eric Hughes, cryptography pioneer, the author of A Cypherpunk's Manifesto.