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Social media strategist, writer, artist and public speaker with a deep background in journalism.  I’m also a voice for patients, advocating for reforms to give patients and doctors access to the very latest medical information – from complete, accurate, interoperable medical records to research insights and big data – to empower more fully informed clinical decisions.

As a member of both Regina Holliday's Walking Gallery and the Society for Participatory Medicine, I strongly believe that patients, healthcare professionals and other innovators can create a system in which:

  • healthcare companies always have patients on their boards and as part of their paid teams to develop, test, launch, implement, market, re-assess, and refine all products and services;

  • all patients have 24/7 access to their complete medical records, including doctor’s notes, lab tests and imaging files, downloadable, printable and sharable electronically with anyone they choose, with a way to routinely flag errors for timely correction;

  • patients’ immediate, short-term and long-term experiences with various treatment options, including implanted medical devices, are routinely captured in anonymized form to give patients, doctors, other healthcare professionals and researchers better information to use in evaluating treatment options;

  • all cancer patients have the right to have their tumors and DNA fully analyzed, an essential step for individuals and public health as we begin the shift to precision medicine;

  • all patients have the right to get various routine tests and treatments, such as blood tests and physical therapy, without the added expense of going to a doctor to get a prescription; and

  • options and outcomes no longer depend on the amount of money patients can call on to address their healthcare needs.
Working together, we can make it happen!