The Benefits of Telehealth for Seniors

By Michael Corbitt posted 12-27-2020 23:00


Access to healthcare is a privilege not all of us have exposure to, and this is especially true among the more vulnerable members of society, seniors. It’s important that no matter where you are, you have access to trained medical professionals.


Telehealth is gaining traction among older patients because it’s such a great alternative for those who may not have the means and access to travel or the benefits of private healthcare. Here’s a list of some of the benefits offered by telehealth. 


Less wait time for appointments


Doctor’s offices and clinics are busy all year round and getting an appointment with your preferred doctor can be a bit of a wait. As a result, patients’ conditions may worsen, leading to expensive hospitalizations they can’t afford and adding unnecessary stress to injury and illness. 


Telehealth services allow you the benefit of shorter wait times because you can be cared for at home. With the help of Quick RX Refill, you can have your doctor’s visit or get a prescription filled from the comfort of your favorite chair. Their online services cover a range of prescriptions from asthma and blood pressure to erectile dysfunction and smoking cessation. 


Reduces travel costs


As you get older, your mobility may suffer and making the necessary travel arrangements to see your doctor can be tricky and expensive. You may not always get an appointment with your preferred doctor as well as arrange travel. Having remote care can save you hours of travel and inconvenience. 


Telehealth services are there to assist, especially if you have problems with mobility and travel. You can have a doctor at your service in less time than it takes to book an appointment over the phone, travel to a healthcare facility and collect your medications. This means less hassle on your part for affordability and quality care.


Reduces medical costs


Affordable, quality care is all that you ask for when you’re looking for comprehensive medical assistance. But often, that’s not the case. Some practitioners will prioritize quality care, which usually comes with a hefty price tag. Public health can be unreliable and demand is high. 


Telehealth services are more affordable, safe and they give quality care. A 2017 Health Affairs study found that patients who use telehealth services on average will spend about $70 less than they would on an in-person office visit. That’s $70 more to use on other expenses.


Less exposure to germs 


If you have a compromised immune system as a result of chronic illness, exposure to germs found in hospital rooms and doctor’s waiting areas can be dangerous. The usual avenues of medical care don’t give you much choice. To get help, you have to take the risk of exposure to potentially serious illnesses. 


With remote care through telehealth services, you can avoid coming into contact with sick people and harmful germs. Your health matters and so should your safety. Consider telehealth services to limit your exposure and to give you peace of mind that you are in a safe environment, your home. 


Final thoughts


Your retirement should be reserved for leisure and doing things you love. Worrying about medical care and expenses should not have any place during that time. Few people have the advantage of living in care facilities with around the clock care. With the innovations in technology, you can connect with friends, family and medical practitioners from a comfortable and safe space.


Telehealth exists to make your life easier as you get older when mobility is limited, either due to illness or limited access to travel facilities. Consider this modern solution to help ease some of the challenges you may face concerning your health and well-being.